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Kathy Engstrom
Owner, Designer
A pharmacist by profession, I have been designing jewelry for five years.  The ability to mix colors and "see" pieces of jewelry must come from Catherine, I don't have any formal training what I know I taught myself.   I am especially inspired by the beautiful nature in Northern Michigan, where I live.

In this picture I am mountain biking with Jasmine, one of my favorite pastimes.  I also love to read and write fiction, photography and most outdoor activities.

On September 13, 2014 I married my soul mate, Norm Jones.  He is a popular radio talk show host in Northern Michigan but to me he is the man of my dreams.
This is a picture of my Great-Grandmother Catherine, the namesake of the company.  She is on the left, the teenager on the right is my mother, Evelyn Drabek Dugan.
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Why is my name Kathy yet the store called Catherine's Dreams? I named the business after my Great-Grandmother, Catherine Vrchota Najmajstr. She was a very talented lady in many ways. I still have doilies and handkerchiefs that she made. I like to think that she dreamed that at least a little of her talent and love of color was carried on.
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Catherine and Frank Najmajstr on their wedding day.  I love her dress.
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